Introducing… The Four King Cousins (1968)


Some nice and mellow Easy Pop, although it disappoints at the end for thorough listening. For a similar, but more inspired album I can only recommend the great Meet Triste Janero (1969), even available on CD and LP for little money (get it!). Still, I reckon it’s a sought-after album for some, so here you go.

06. I Wanna Be Free
10. Here, There, And Everywhere

Gimme Gimme Gimme

4 thoughts on “Introducing… The Four King Cousins (1968)

  1. Thank you very much, EasySounds!
    I’m one of those who were seeking after this album, so I can’t be glad enough that you posted it.
    I think that, all in all, this is still a great Sunshine Pop album*,
    even only for the Roger Nichols penned “I Fell”: it’s a great song which never disappoints me.
    I will look for the Triste Janero album too, because it seems good and I sadly ignored their existence.

    *the greatest would probably be Roger Nichols & the Small Circle of Friends’s self-titled album

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