Music blogs and Easy record labels

Music blogs are important. They keep rare music alive, build a community around those wonderful, forgotten disks. They introduce this music to a wider audience, make it accessible to those who can’t get a hand on the few, often pricy LPs. Seeing some really good blogs go was a pain and partially the motivation to open up my own blog. Music blogs are important. Equally so are the small record labels, that reissue countless albums that would have been otherwise forgotten by the market. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have heard many albums, since they produce first reissues after many decades (Mindbender, Inner Space), sometimes they issue a soundtrack for the first time (Dirty Harry). If we want to keep it that way, we have to appreciate their work by buying their products as well. To sum this up, I want to celebrate with you music blog culture, as well as introduce you to the most important labels concerning my own music genre, those easy sounds. Easy Listening, Lounge, Jazz-Pop, Instrumental Pop, whichever of those closely related terms you want to use.

Apollo Sound
Some really nice example of a library music label actually putting their catalog on CDs for everyone to buy. Budapest Radio Orchestra, Polish Radio Orchestra ring a bell?

Not a label, but sort of a collecting tank of really rare library records, mostly German.

Beat Records
THE Italian reissue label. They have tons of Italian soundtracks. Has a nice familial touch to it.

Diggler Records
German label, many cool sleazy listening albums.

Dutton Vocalion
UK-based label. Among other lost genres such as »Light music« they have library music compilations and other rare Easy Listening albums – only on CD, though.

Easy Tempo
I dunno whether this label actually has a web store, but it has supplied many Italian easy listening albums.

él Records
Dunno how to describe this best, just take a look – heh.

GDM Music
Another address for Italian OSTs.

Harkit Records
UK label, nice jazz-pop albums of the Sixties.

They brought us many Mancini first-time publications, among other things.
They have a small, but interesting »Easy Series« worth checking out.

Promising Music
The heirs of the MPS catalogue, around 50 reissues. Still many to go!

Movie Grooves
A UK classic, closed down about two years ago, but now rebuilt by another guy running this great site.

Recur Records
Very small GEMM-based label. Interesting compilations of library music.

Screen Archives Entertainment
Huge institution to me, ministry-like, they are that important. They do a great job at reissuing soundtracks.

German label, mostly Easy Listening and other tasteful jazz music.

Thee Roundtable
Votary offshoot, very similar releases.

Trunk Records
Founded by Johnny Trunk, one of the most colourful figures in vinyl culture that I know. The website is full of British humour. If I’m not mistaken, he actually rediscovered Basil Kirchin and his music. Thank you.

Vadim Music
French label. Many library and easy and Bossa Nova reissues.

Australian. Reissued Sven Libaek’s legendary Inner Space album. They have dug up many treasures from down under.

Winchester Hospital Radio
Charity label, issuing really good UK library music compilation CDs. Unfortunately, most of them are out of print. You may find some of them used on Amazon or Ebay, though.

If you would like to share your own favourite sources for things easy, write them in the comments (at the top left of the article).

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