Billy Goldenberg – The Grasshopper (1970)


Only few soundtracks by Billy Goldenberg made it to print – this is one of them. On IMDB there’s a good discography of his works. The album itself features lush arrangements with mod rhythms. I often think of Sid Ramin’s Stiletto soundtrack when I think of this one, it features similar rhythms and guitar backing as well. The film itself stars Jacqueline Bisset in a rather dreary drama of a woman who can’t live with her decisions. By the way, I love that certain guitar that appears on records from the late 1960s and early 1970s, just as on this record – you can hear it at the beginning of the track »Christine in Las Vegas«.

02. Traveling With A Star
03. Christine in Las Vegas
06. Soft Music For Rosie

Here you go…

Francis Lai – The Games (1970)


Francis Lai, imho one of the giants of mellow, who has brought us soundtracks such as »Un homme et une femme« (1966), also scored a 1970 film about four marathon runners. The soundtrack seems to be pretty rare, having fetched more than 160 dollars in one auction and presently being without an entry at Discogs. The sound is very typical mellow around-1970 orchestral OST stuff, reminding me of the »The Adventurers« soundtrack of the same year and its arrangements by Eumir Deodato (mainly based on compositions by Antônio Carlos Jobim but also on his own ones). Among the styles included are also some mod-like tracks such as »Student’s Hop« as well as classical sounds.

01. Main Title
10. Student’s Hop

Ready, steady… GO!