Billy Goldenberg – The Grasshopper (1970)


Only few soundtracks by Billy Goldenberg made it to print – this is one of them. On IMDB there’s a good discography of his works. The album itself features lush arrangements with mod rhythms. I often think of Sid Ramin’s Stiletto soundtrack when I think of this one, it features similar rhythms and guitar backing as well. The film itself stars Jacqueline Bisset in a rather dreary drama of a woman who can’t live with her decisions. By the way, I love that certain guitar that appears on records from the late 1960s and early 1970s, just as on this record – you can hear it at the beginning of the track »Christine in Las Vegas«.

02. Traveling With A Star
03. Christine in Las Vegas
06. Soft Music For Rosie

Here you go…

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