The Strange Affair (1968)


I came to get this film because of the great soundtrack by Basil Kirchin. There is currently no possibility, and probably there won’t be, another way to listen to it than to watch the film itself. So feel free and get this while it’s up!

IMDB info: »When rookie P.C. Strange falls for an under aged girl, he is unknowingly compromised by a pair of pornographers. Meanwhile, seasoned Det. Pierce is out to catch mob boss Quince and soon both plots intertwine.«

IMDB link

Yes, I am above 18 or at least I like nudity

2 thoughts on “The Strange Affair (1968)

  1. Just an honorable mention. If you haven’t already discovered it, and/or don’t already have it; the Original Henry Mancini Soundtrack Album from the film “Silver Streak” (1976) is quite good. Curiously it was not released at the same time as the film, but for some reason was only released 25 years later. Quite sometime after Henry Mancini had passed on. I believe it was a limited release and may be hard to find, but well worth the effort. gwpj51

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