I’m an easyholic from Germany.

Below the introductory text from my YouTube channel.

»Yet another harbour for the forgotten treasures of the 1960s and 1970s, unearthed on my countless archeological expeditions. What emerges, is a Golden Age of jazz orchestras, with their cheerful, moody, groovy jazz-pop and easy listening varieties. For the most part, this channel circles around a late-1960s / early-1970s easy axis, often with Brazilian elements. I focus on albums that are not commercially available or otherwise available on YouTube, so you won’t find the n’th copy of groove classics here. I take some pride in using the original album covers (whenever possible). You are also welcome to share your own favourite tracks. For years I have had the opportunity to get to know rare and wonderful music through other people generously sharing their finds. Now I want to give something back by adding some rare tracks that haven’t been previously available, thus saving them from their undeserved obscurity.«

If you have any questions, comments etc. please drop me a message:

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