Addy Flor and his Orchestra – Days Of Summer (1975)


Alles geht im Kreis

This is a very solid easy listening album showing strong composing skills and featuring groovy lounge sounds. Addy (actually Arno) Flor (1925-2008) is one of the most obscure, and in my opinion, most neglected names of German easy listening. Flor delivers sophisticated cheese like Heinz Kiessling, and that says a lot. There’s very little information available about him. As the German Wikipedia states, from 1948 onwards, he worked for the RIAS-Tanzorchester in Berlin under Werner Müller. From 1954 he worked as a freelance musician for people such as Franz Thon, Erwin Lehn and Robert Stolz. In 1969, he co-authored with Pete Jacques the MPS album Twilight Mood. He also wrote the backup music for several female singers, and the Dutch Greetje Kauffeld is the one on this album. In recent years, some of his tracks resurfaced on CD compilations such as Like A Breeze and Holiday In Brazil, using music from the Brillant-Musik library label.

You are reading my mind.