Henry Mancini – Visions Of Eight (1973)


Mancini’s soundtrack to a 1973 documentary showing the Munich Olympic Games 1972 from the perspective of eight different directors. Mancini uses different musical styles throughout the album, ranging from easy listening (2,4,8) to futuristic (3) as well as classical sounds (5).

01. Ludmilla’s Theme
02. Pretty Girls
03. Spaced Out
04. Warm Up
05. Soft Flight
06. The Race
07. Salute To The Olympians
08. Olympic Village
09. Ludmilla’s Theme (Reprise)
10. Hurdles And Girdles
11. Theme For The Losers
12. Salute To The Olympians (Finale)

Ready, steady, GO!

Henry Mancini – 99 44/100% Dead (1974)


Main Title

I think it is only appropriate to start off my very first music blog and my very first music blog post with one of my all-time favourite composers, Henry Mancini. He is one of the composers and arrangers so skilled that I don’t hesitate buying everything from him that gets reissued. He was purportedly also a very sweet person. There is a couple of interesting interviews with and on Mancini on YouTube. Mancini gets primarily connected with his hit period in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and tracks such as Peter Gunn (1959), Moon River (1961) and Pink Panther (1962). His creative output in the 1970s hasn’t nearly received equal amount of attention, and unrightfully so. There is also a great overview by Doug Payne, »Mancini in the Seventies« (part 1 and part 2). 99 and 44/100% Dead is a wry gangster film, and as Wikipedia states, »the title is a play on an advertising slogan for Ivory soap«. The score finally made it on CD in 2010 (on the Intrada label) at an amount of 1200 copies. Those sold out pretty darn quickly, and nowadays the used score fetches very high prices. Mancini should have been a safe bet so as to produce much more than 1200 copies, but maybe it was because Intrada is not that big a label and the film itself is not too well-known. After all, we ain’t talking about no Bullitt, here.

I’m 99 and 44/100% happy already!