Ken Thorne – The Persuaders (1971) (Bootleg)


The Persuaders – one of the greatest TV series of the Seventies, which got cancelled after its first season. It shared thus a fate with other great, and far too short TV series such as Police Squad!. At the same time, the tapes for The Persuaders have been lost – otherwise there surely would have been a reissue by now, most probably by the ‘Network’ label, which has issued soundtracks for other ITC productions. A couple of tracks from the OST have actually survived, and made their way onto a Network compilation titled ‘The Music of ITC’. Unfortunately, it’s highly doubtful whether we will ever have the pleasure of the full OST to The Persuaders. Thankfully, there has been somebody who assembled a bootleg soundtrack directly from the TV series. If I knew the author, I would name him here. This compilation doesn’t seem to be around in the Blogosphere anymore, so I put it up here.

Some examples from YouTube