Billy Goldenberg – The Grasshopper (1970)


Only few soundtracks by Billy Goldenberg made it to print – this is one of them. On IMDB there’s a good discography of his works. The album itself features lush arrangements with mod rhythms. I often think of Sid Ramin’s Stiletto soundtrack when I think of this one, it features similar rhythms and guitar backing as well. The film itself stars Jacqueline Bisset in a rather dreary drama of a woman who can’t live with her decisions. By the way, I love that certain guitar that appears on records from the late 1960s and early 1970s, just as on this record – you can hear it at the beginning of the track »Christine in Las Vegas«.

02. Traveling With A Star
03. Christine in Las Vegas
06. Soft Music For Rosie

Here you go…

George Garvarentz – They Came To Rob Las Vegas (1969)


Fetched this from an unknown blog years ago (now down). Crime jazz record with cool mod rhythms, and at times jamesbondy and austinpowersy sounds. Huge orchestra and many stylistic turns in the arrangement, switching back and forth from cheerful pop to suspense. A detailed analysis in Spanish. An extended version of The Worldless Song can be found on YouTube.

01. Inspector Douglas’ Trick
02. Last Trip Of The Truck
03. Attack Of The Truck
04. End Of The Attack
05. Effervescence
06. The Wordless Song
07. View On San Francisco
08. Chase In San Francisco
09. ‘Cosa Nostra’ From Mexico
10. In The Streets Of Las Vegas
11. Las Vegas Can Can
12. Ann & Tony

Good enough for me!