Das Tanzorchester des Südwestfunks – Mister Lucky (1968)


Mr. Lucky

In a way, this is a proto-MPS record, since the SABA record company was the predecessor renamed to MPS in 1968 – that is, Musikproduktion Schwarzwald, later reverently »Most Perfect Sound« or even »Magic Purple Sunshine« by a certain blog… »Das Tanzorchester des Südwestfunks« was a radio orchestra of the South-West German regional television SWF, nowadays SWR. Some parts of the record sound older than 1968, other parts are delightfully over-the-top sophisticated radio orchestra arrangements seldom encountered elsewhere, including the typical sleek wall of brass. Wonderfully 1960s-artsy cover. This record should fit in neatly with any MPS collection.

Looks like I’m being Mister Lucky here!