Hazy Osterwald Sextet – Jet-Set (1972)



A very nice record in a gritty rare groove style. Hazy Osterwald was a Swiss bandleader, and you can find background info here. »Oumbala-Oumbalo« is a funny (or at the very least comical) track cheerfully celebrating African clichés uga-uga style. »Rio« is a solid track with a real Brazil groove and another example of how the »cidade maravilhosa« is seen abroad – as some of the biggest brands of carefree exotic indulgement (like Acapulco, or Hawaii). My third favourite is New Mexico, a splendid rock groover. Originally I got all excited over the title, assuming I had found a whole record dedicated to the jet-set sound, but »jet-set« perhaps refers to the different locations the band »visits« during the album.

Count me in!